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E-File Federal Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) IRS Form 2290 Today!

How to File Form 2290 Easily?

Form 2290 is a Federal Excise Tax that is imposed on heavy trucks that operate on public highways. Any truck that weighs 55,000 pounds or more and used for 5000 miles or more is subjected to this tax. The federal tax is collected annually and is utilized for the construction and maintenance of highways.

What is Schedule 1 Copy?

When you file your Form 2290, the IRS authenticates the return and sends an acknowledgment receipt, this is referred to as Schedule 1 copy. This copy will have the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the truck that you own and register with the IRS. The Schedule 1 copy serves as a proof of payment of your taxes. Without this copy, the DMV will not renew your tags, and IFTA, IRP or UCR will not renew the registration of your truck. If you’re audited, your stamped Schedule 1 copy will serve as a proof that you’ve paid your taxes.

Filing Form 2290

IRS form 2290 can be filed via 2 methods: Paper filing and e-filing. When filing for a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, it is advisable to use an authorized e-file service provider since the IRS does not allow e-filing of Form 2290 on IRS.gov. When you e-file your IRS returns, you can get the stamped Schedule 1 copy within a few minutes of IRS acceptance.
When you file using a commercial service provider, you may have to pay the service charge. File your IRS form 2290 easily and more securely with eForm2290, an IRS-authorized e-file service provider with 24*7 customer service. We also provide free email, fax and text alerts about your tax filing with no additional charges.

Requirements to File Form 2290:
  • The VIN (Vehicle Information Number) and EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • The gross weight of the vehicle
  • Name and address of the business
Here’s how you can file your Form 2290 in just 4 simple steps:
  • Choose your ‘Business’
  • Select the ‘Tax Period’ and ‘First Used Month’ of your vehicle
  • Enter your vehicle information
  • Click on the IRS payment / EFTPS

When you file your IRS form 2290, your information will be saved with us and you can use your previously filed returns to file again. We employ advanced data security tools and technologies so that all your information remains safe with us.

If you face any issues while filing your IRS form 2290, you can reach out to our experienced customer service executives who can resolve any issues you may face. You can also email your queries at support@eform2290.com.