Paying Electronic Federal Tax (IRS form 2290) Amount to the IRS with Check Payment

When Paying electronic federal tax amount to the IRS (through eform2290, or any financial institution) you can use the following 3 methods to make the payment:

  • EFW (Electronic Fund Withdrawal) using the bank account number and routing number
  • EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)
  • Voucher by mailing in the check or money order

Paying Electronic Federal Tax (IRS form 2290) Amount to the IRS with Check Payment

You need to provide the account information and IRS will deduct the amount directly from your bank account

EFTPS (electronic federal tax payment system)

The IRS will deduct the amount from your account within 24-48 hours. The payment will be directly deducted from your bank account and will appear on your bank statement. But if the payments are done over the weekends or on federal holidays, then the fund withdrawals may be slightly delayed.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment using Credit/Debit Card

You can also use your credit or debit card to pay your IRS HVUT. If you prefer to pay your taxes using this method, you will have to pay a convenience fee to the third party provider. This additional charge is the processing fee for your payment processor. Use this link to pay IRS HVUT using your debit or credit card.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment using Voucher (check or money order)

If you’re making your payment using the voucher, you need to address the money order or check to ‘United States Treasury’, fill in the EIN, name, address and date on your payment. You cannot send money directly to the IRS, you need to detach the voucher and send it along with your Form 2290 and both the copies of Schedule 1. Do not staple the payment to the IRS form 2290 or the voucher.

Every payment method is processed by the US Treasury directly.

Whether you file online or offline, you’ll get your stamped Schedule 1 copy soon after the IRS accepts your returns. For e-filing, you don’t have to send the form 2290 and Schedule 1 along with the payment voucher.