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Form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax E-File

Form 2290 Online

IRS Form 2290 is a tax form that you have to file with the IRS if you own a vehicle that weighs 55000 pounds or more, and if you have used it for 5000 miles or above. The Internal Revenue Services monitors and maintains these taxes to be used for the development projects of roads across the states.

Filing the form 2290 online in person at the IRS office is a tedious process. You will have to apply for an appointment and wait for the date to arrive. Also, you will have to go to the office during business hours to submit your details. Your schedule 1 copy will only reach you after 5-45 days. Since truck drivers are on road most of the time, the IRS now offers form 2290 online filing service. The service is provided by a bunch of handpicked online agencies that the IRS has authorized.

To be not available on the internet is nothing short of being handicapped today. There is a shift in how things are getting done, with more and more services being provided online. Truck drivers and owners have played a major role in building our country. It is to their benefit that the IRS initiated the online filing option for 2290 tax forms.

Online 2290 Form Filing Service

2290 forms are to be submitted to the IRS before the due date. It’s very important that you choose an IRS authorized agency like to e-file your 2290 form. The need for filing your IRS HVUT cannot be stressed enough. There are very few online 2290 filing services that offer you a broad range of services like

You need to file your tax returns before the due date. Since most of the truck owners and drivers find it difficult to be present in person at the IRS office during their scheduled appointment, the IRS allows you to file your taxes online. The need for making online tax payments was addressed by the internal revenue service by providing 2290 filling services like

Filing form 2290 online is very easy and can be done from anywhere around the world. There are many agencies that offer this service. However, it’s important that you understand which one of these are authorized by the IRS. The internal revenue system is very strict when it comes to the verification of the payment and facts provided in form 2290. Therefore, you have to be careful not to make mistakes in the basic information you provide about your vehicle, or your IRS form 2290 will be rejected by the IRS.

How to Efile Form 2290?

2290 form can be e-filed by following a very few simple steps. In the following section, you can find out how exactly you can file your 2290 form online.

  1. Login to

  2. is one of the most trusted IRS authorized websites offering tax filing services for filing returns for heavy vehicle use tax. Open your browser and type the above-given web address to reach

  3. Choose your business

  4. Your heavy vehicle will be registered under any of the businesses which you have to describe before you proceed to e-filing your IRS HVUT. While selecting your IRS form 2290, make sure that you do not make any errors including spelling errors. Your vehicle will be identified as a part of your business, so be careful while entering the details.

  5. Select your tax period

  6. The tax period is a term used to indicate the annual financial year for which you are filing your taxes. For instance, the tax period for the year 2019-20 would start from July 1st of 2019 to June 30th of 2020. If you have recently started using your heavy vehicle then you need to file your IRS form 2290 by the last day of the following month from which you started using your vehicle. This is the ideal due date to file your 2290 form. So select your tax period and proceed.

  7. Enter the first used month

  8. This information is to help the IRS decide how much you have to pay in terms of tax. If you only recently started using your vehicle, then you only need to efile IRS form 2290 based on the months you use it during the tax period. At times, if you thought that the vehicle would be used less than 5000 miles during the tax period and later it exceeds this pre-determined result, then you will have to start filing your tax returns later in the tax period.

  9. Enter Vehicle Information

  10. Vehicle information includes some details that you use as a unique identification of your vehicle. In form 2290 these are some of the very important information which you have to be very careful while providing. The three main information you have to provide while you efile IRS form 2290 are VIN, EIN and gross taxable weight of your vehicle.

    Please remember that you only need to file your form 2290 if your vehicle weighs 55000 pounds or more. The VIN number if given incorrectly makes your form not acceptable. You will have to then go and amend this by paying extra Therefore ensure that you do not make any mistakes even in the most trivial details using our 2290 filling services.

  11. Select your payment method

  12. provides you all the major authorized payment methods that you can use to make your payment. You get a lot of options to make your payment including credit/debit card, EFW, EFTPS and Money/Cheque payments. Agencies like eform2290 offer you all the main payment methods to go ahead with filing IRS form 2290.

    Once you have completed your payment, you will receive a confirmation through multiple channels. If you choose an authorized agency to file your IRS HVUT like, you will get a schedule 1 copy within minutes. Once you get the copy you can use the reference number to make your tax payments with the IRS form 2290 filling services.

Benefits of Filing IRS 2290 Online

There are no difficulties arising for truck owners while filing 2290 form, the IRS conducts strict checks for the standard of the agencies that provide e-filing service. This diligence from the IRS allows these online IRS form 2290 filing services to perform at a very good level of standard. There are many benefits when it comes to filing your form 2290 online with our 2290 filling services.

  1. Faster Process

  2. Filing your IRS form 2290 online saves you a lot of time. Going and filing your IRS form 2290 online in person is not a simple process. It requires you to first book an appointment with the IRS, you then need to be present at the given time and date at the IRS office to submit your documents.

    Following this, it will take 5-45 days for you to receive your schedule 1 copy. Compared to this filing you e-form 2290 online will take you just a few minutes and the schedule 1 copy will be delivered to you via mail on the same day using our 2290 filling services.

  3. Timely Updates

  4. Yet another advantage of using online service is that you are always updated about the status of your submission. There are instances where your form may get rejected due to many reasons.

    It’s important to have these updates on time since, if rejected then you need to reapply within the due date to avoid penalties. Updates will be sent to you using multiple mediums including, SMS, text, and mail.

  5. Safe & Secure

  6. Safety is one of the primary concerns while using any online agencies to file form 2290 filing services. Since you are providing a lot of personal information, you need to ensure that your data is kept secure and safe.

    Agencies like offer a great amount of security for your personal data. IRS authorized agencies to implement overall coverage for securing the data. File your IRS form 2290 filing services again since the required data is already stored securely on the servers.

  7. Free Services

  8. Unlike the IRS themselves, these online agencies that provide e-filing services offer you a good range of exciting offers. Offers like free VIN correction are really helpful to people who are trying to make these changes with the IRS. There are also certain discounts, that can make your tax filing process cheaper than ever before.

    IRS Form 2290 filing services needs are taken care of before the due date, even if it gets rejected the first time. Try making the best of these services with agencies like

  9. Customer First

  10. You will receive a very good service if you choose agencies like to file your taxes online. Filing IRS form 2290 online will help you save a lot of time along with money with 2290 filing services.

    So stop waiting in queue to get your IRS form 2290 online approved by the IRS. Choose an online service like to get your taxes done on time 2290 filling.