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E-File Form 2290 VIN Correction
FREE VIN Correction
A Vehicle Identification Number, also known as VIN, is a unique serial number used to identify individual motor vehicles. Because VIN contains a combination of letters and numbers, occasionally users end up making mistakes in inputting the VIN. eForm2290 customers can take advantage of our free service to correct improperly entered VIN(s) in their prior submitted returns to the IRS. eForm2290 expedites VIN correction submissions, and it takes only a few minutes to get new Schedule 1, during business hours.
Form 2290 Text Alert on Mobile
FREE Text Alert
Away from your desk and email? Want to know about the status of your e-filing? Get notified instantly on your mobile phone about the status of your filing. Receive text messages about the status of your return. Please note that based on your mobile phone plan and service provider, charges may apply.
Form 2290 Schedule 1 Fax
Easier to use fax vs email. eForm2290 delivers faxes for your Schedule 1 filing needs. Plus this service is absolutely free. Click on Get started now and receive your Schedule 1 by fax in minutes.
Form 2290 Chat Support
FREE Chat Support
eForm2290 is here to help you with answers for your all Heavy Vehicles Use Tax related questions. Click on the LIVE Chat button on the top of this page if you need any assistance to efile form 2290. We can help you at each step along the way as you file your return. You can find LIVE Chat button on each page. Chat with us anytime when you need assistance. It is totally free.
eForm2290 Email Support
FREE Email Support
You will receive updates about the status of your e-filing for free. Once your Schedule 1 is received, we will send a copy of the Schedule 1 to your email address, and if requested, your fax number.
Free to Re-file Form 2290
FREE to Re-file
In the unlikely event that your filing gets rejected by the IRS due to incorrect information, on eForm2290, you can file again without paying again for the same corrected return. The most frequent cases of rejection are due to a mismatch in EIN and business name. Please double-check the details and make sure they are correct before submitting the return to avoid re-submitting.
Form 2290 Instant Validation
FREE Instant Validation
eForm2290 helps you file your return error free. At each step in the e-filing process, we check your input for common mistakes and prompt you for corrections. Before submitting your return to IRS, eForm2290 again goes through validation process to identify potential input errors. eForm2290 also makes sure that there are no logical errors in your return.
Form 2290 Truck Tax Calculator
FREE Tax Calculation
eForm2290 uses industry standard methods for calculating the amount you owe. Because we do this thousands of times, we use IRS approved tax calculators to make sure you don’t have to pay any more than is required by the IRS.

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Form 2290 Schedule 1 Backup
FREE Backup
You can download your watermarked Schedule 1 anytime from your account once IRS accepts your return. You can save your business information in the system so that you do not have to re-enter all information when you do e-filing next time.