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File By Phone eForm 2290File By Phone eForm 2290

How does it work?

How does it work?

Place the call

Call us at +1 866-881-6767 to file your Form 2290 via phone. No additional charges, only regular processing fees apply. Support available in English and Spanish.

Verify contact details

A verification code will be sent to your registered phone number and email address. You have to give this code to the representative in order to proceed further.

Share Vehicle Information

You will need to share the truck information such as VIN, EIN, business details etc for the filing purpose

Make the Payment

Once the filing details are entered, you will rececive a payment link. This will allow you to choose the payment type and submit the tax amount to the IRS.
How does it work?

Information that you need to have handy

Vehicle Identification Number

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

17 characters alphanumeric Vehicle Identification Number

Vehicle registration document or on the truck near driver’s seat or engine

Employee Identification Number

EIN (Employee Identification Number)

9-digit Employee Identification Number not to be confused with Social Identification

SS-4 copy provided by the IRS

Business Name and Address

Business Name and Address

The business name and address must match the IRS records

ss4 copy


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Frequently asked questions around file by phone

How much does File by Phone service cost?


The processing fees for 2290 filling applies the same as self-filling. However, There are no additional charges for this service.

What services are covered in File by Phone?


You can only file Form 2290 using this service. Re-filing, VIN correction etc will be supported by the website free of cost.

How do I pay the tax over phone?


Once our representative finishes filing, you will receive a payment link viphone and email for the tax payment

Do I have to share my credit card details?


Our team will only take your vehicle information to file your 2290. They will never ask sensitive information such as credit card number, password etc.

What if the executive makes an error in the 2290 filing?


Our support team is well-trained and will help you with error-free 2290 filling make sure to provide accurate information to make your filling successful. In case of error or rejection, you can refill with us for free.

How will I receive my Schedule 1 if I file by phone?


Once the return is successfully submitted to the IRS you will receive your Schedule 1 via email.

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