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File By Phone eForm 2290File By Phone eForm 2290

How to File By Phone

How does it work?
Place the call

Place the Call

Call us at (866) 881-6767. We'll send you a verification code to get the process started.
Share Vehicle Information

Share Vehicle Information

Provide us with your vehicle's VIN, your EIN, and your business details and we'll get them into the form.
Share Vehicle Information

Make the Payment

Once filing details are entered, you'll receive a payment link in your email. This will let you choose the payment type and submit your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax to the IRS. We will never ask for personal information like credit card details!
How does it work?

Information You'll Need to Have Handy

Vehicle Identification Number

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

You can find the 17-character alphanumeric VIN on your vehicle registration document or on the truck, typically located near the driver's seat or engine.

Employee Identification Number

Employee Identification Number (EIN)

You can find your 9-digit EIN — which is not your Social Security Number — on your SS-4 provided by the IRS.

Business Name and Address

Business Name and Address

This information is also available on your SS-4 and what you provide us must match IRS records.


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When you e-file your Form 2290 with , you can be confident that your HVUT is in good hands. Our best-in-class e-filing system and customer support team makes filing your taxes easy and hassle free.

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File By Phone Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to file by phone?


Filing by phone costs the same as self-filing.

What other services are available when filing by phone?


You can only file your Form 2290 by phone. All other services — such as VIN correction and refiling — are only available online.

How do I pay my Heavy Vehicle Use Tax when filing by phone?


Once our representative finishes filing, you will receive a payment link via phone and email for the tax payment.

Do I have to share my credit card details or other sensitive personal information when filing by phone?


Never! Our customer support team will only take your vehicle information to file your Form 2290. They will never ask for any sensitive personal information.

What if an error is made while filing by phone?


Our expert support team is well trained and prides itself on providing customers with error-free 2290 filings. But if an error or rejection does occur, you can refile with for free.

How will I receive my Schedule 1 if I file by phone?


You will receive your Schedule 1 via email once the return is successfully submitted to the IRS.