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IRS form 2290 is a federal tax imposed on heavy vehicles like trucks. If you own a heavy vehicle that weighs 55,000 pounds or more and used for 5,000 miles or more, then it’s subjected to this tax. The tax amount is used for the construction and maintenance of highways in the United States.

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Filing IRS HVUT is simple, easier and safer. To facilitate easy filing, IRS has authorized e-file service providers, like eForm2290. eForm2290 is an IRS-authorized e-file service provider with over 10 years of experience in the market. File with us and receive your Schedule 1 copy in a few minutes after IRS acceptance.

Form 2290 Due Date

The IRS HVUT deadline for the first used vehicles is the last day of the month following the first used month. For example, if your truck was used for the first time in the month of May, then 30th June is the last day to file IRS HVUT. To know more about IRS HVUT due date, please visit the official IRS site.

Form 2290 and Reasons for Rejection

The IRS can reject your form 2290 for several reasons, like:

  1. Mismatched EIN number
  2. Missing signature
  3. RTN rejection
  4. Duplicate VIN or form 2290

Form 2290 Correction

Before submitting your form 2290, please double-check to check for any errors. Ensure that the EIN, VIN and the gross weight of your truck are accurate. After reviewing, then click on the Submit button to submit your HVUT to the IRS.

Most common errors that are made while filling IRS HVUT are:

  • Entering incorrect VIN
  • Typo errors
  • Filling in the wrong taxable gross weight

To correct any errors you committed when filing the 2290 form, you can use the IRS 2290 Amended . Using this, you can fix any errors on the submitted IRS HVUT form.

Form 2290 Amendment

For 2290 form, amendment implies any change to be made on the already submitted IRS HVUT form. You must pay the additional tax for the amended returns electronically.

The change or amends can be:

  • Exceeded mileage usage of suspended vehicles
  • A change in the taxable gross weight of the vehicle

When you file the form 2290 amendment with us, we will expedite your amendment. Once IRS accepts the 2290 amendment, you will receive your stamped Schedule 1 copy.

Filing with eForm2290

When filing IRS HVUT with us, you just have to follow a simple process. We have made the process easier, simpler and secure. File with us and rest assured about your tax filings when you are behind the wheels. We are always available to help you with any queries you may face when filing IRS HVUT.

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