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Form 2290 – Reasons for Rejection

IRS Form 2290

IRS Form 2290 is a federal tax that is imposed on heavy vehicles that are operated on US highways. Any heavy vehicles that are used for 5,000 miles or more and used for 55,000 pounds or more are subjected to this tax. This is an annual tax that is used for the construction and maintenance of highways.


There are 2 ways of filing IRS HVUT.

  • Offline or paper filing
  • e-Filing

When you are filing form 2290 via paper filing, it will take 5 to 45 days to receive the Schedule 1 copy. But with e-filing of HVUT tax 2290, the Schedule 1 copy will be sent within a few minutes of IRS acceptance. Paper filing is easier, simpler and more secure than paper filing. There is no need to stand in a queue to file HVUT tax 2290.

IRS Rejection of Form 2290

Form 2290 can be rejected for several reasons. Following are some of the reasons why your HVUT tax 2290 can get rejected.

Mismatched EIN

This is one of the common reasons for IRS rejection. Please ensure that you are entering the correct EIN and double-check to see if it is correct. Even if EIN is not updated with the IRS, your form 2290 will be rejected. It usually takes about 15 days for the IRS to update your EIN.

Duplicate VIN or Form 2290

If you have already filed HVUT tax 2290 for the tax year and file again, then your IRS HVUT will get rejected. Please ensure that your form 2290 is not a duplicate of a previously accepted 2290 form.

Missing Signature

The HVUT tax 2290 is valid only with a proper signature. If the signature is missing or if it’s illegible, then your form 2290 is rejected by the IRS. Before you submit HVUT tax 2290, please ensure that you have signed it.

IRS Rejection

IRS rejecting the HVUT tax 2290 is pretty common. When the IRS rejects your HVUT tax 2290, you will get the rejected form 2290 that you submitted via mail. Check for errors in this rejected 2290 form to see if the information entered is correct. Once you correct these errors, you can submit the corrected HVUT tax 2290 to the IRS. You can submit the amended 2290 form via eForm2290. If the form 2290 gets rejected because of incorrect VIN, then you can amend the HVUT tax 2290 free of cost via eForm2290.

Filing with eForm2290

When you are filing HVUT tax 2290 with eForm2290, the process is simple, easy and secure. When you file with us, we will send you free text, email and fax alerts and stay updated about your tax filing. If form 2290 gets rejected because of incorrect VIN, then you can file the 2290 Amendment absolutely free of cost with us.

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