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Wondering how much tax you have to pay to the IRS? We can help you calculate your IRS HVUT. All you need to do is enter the first month used, gross weight of the vehicle and the category.

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IRS Form 2290

If you are a truck owner in the USA, then you must file IRS form 2290 and pay IRS HVUT tax.Any heavy vehicle that weighs 55,000 pounds or more is subjected to this tax. If the vehicle is used for 5,000 miles or more must file form 2290 with the IRS. If you own a truck in the US that falls under this category, must pay the IRS HVUT tax. Calculate your IRS tax by providing your basic details. We’ll compute that using our online form 2290 tax calculator.

Paying HVUT Tax Form 2290

There are two methods of filing HVUT tax form 2290

  • Paper filing
  • e-Filing

Paying HVUT tax form 2290 online is simple and easy than paper filing. For paper filing, you must make an appointment with the IRS office and stand in a queue to pay the IRS HVUT tax.
Not only this, when filing form 2290 offline, the Schedule 1 copy will take anywhere between 5 to 45 days to reach. But when you pay HVUT tax form 2290 online, the Schedule 1 will reach in 15 minutes of IRS acceptance.

How to Calculate the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)?

Would you like to know exactly how much your HVUT will be before filing the form 2290 online? By entering a few important information below, you can quickly figure out your exact 2290 tax amount or heavy vehicle use tax amount.

Free Form 2290 Tax Calculator

Make use of our free form 2290 tax calculator and calculate Heavy Vehicle Use Tax amount exactly. All you need to do is enter the first-month use of the vehicle, gross weight of your truck and confirm if your vehicle is logging or non-logging.

Filing HVUT Tax Form 2290 Online with eForm2290

Filing form 2290 online with eForm2290 is simple and easier. There are just 4 steps you need to follow to file HVUT Tax Form 2290 online.

  1. Choose your ‘Business’
  2. Select the ‘Tax Period’ and ‘First Used Month’ of your vehicle
  3. Enter your vehicle information
  4. Click on the IRS payment - EFTPS/ EFW, credit or debit card or check payment

Your data will be saved with us when you file HVUT tax form 2290 online, and you can re-file from your earlier submitted returns. We use advanced tools and techniques for data security to keep all of your information secure with us.