Why e-File HVUT Form 2290?

If you are a truck owner and your heavy vehicle weighs 55,000 pounds or more, you are subjected to efile 2290 tax and make the tax payment to the IRS. HVUT is a Federal Excise Tax imposed on heavy vehicles that operate on public highways in the US. This truck tax is also known as heavy highway vehicle use tax and form 2290. The current tax year for e-filing heavy vehicle use tax begins from 01 July 2019 and extends till 30 June 2020. Based on the first month of operation, you will have to file taxes to continue operating on public highways. Visit the IRS website to know more on why to efile 2290 truck tax.
You must remember that while the process to efile 2290 HVUT, a valid EIN (Employer Identification Number) and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is very important. If these identification numbers are entered wrong, the IRS will reject your return. So take extra caution while entering your information. If you want to know more on how to efile 2290 tax or where to efile 2290 truck tax, visit our website or have a LIVE CHAT with our customer service team.
If you do not have an EIN, it is suggested to apply for one by calling the IRS or by doing it online by accessing their website. It usually takes two weeks for the name to be registered in the IRS records before you can start using the new EIN. The Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) is the distinctive identifying code given to a vehicle. The VIN is very important when reporting and paying the HVUT form online. This number is also mentioned in the Schedule 1 copy. Now you know why to file 2290 online.

Online or E-file 2290

IRS suggests you to file your truck taxes electronically irrespective of the number of vehicles you report. You will receive the stamped Schedule 1 copy of your heavy duty tax online in minutes after IRS accepts your submissions. You can find out more on where to e-file 2290 tax in the IRS website.

Here are some more points as to why efile truck tax form 2290:

  • Zero preparation and processing errors while filing
  • Accessibility from anywhere with the help of the Internet
  • Free VIN correction
  • E-file amendments
  • Make any adjustments to mileage and gross weight
  • Quicker processing of returns
  • Value for money
  • No standing in queues
  • Receive Schedule 1 in minutes

If you have further doubt or queries regarding why efile 2290 or why efile form 2290, visit the IRS website.