IRS Form 2290 Instructions for Every Trucker

The US trucking industry is worth $700 billion and it accounts for more than 5% of American jobs. Statistics tell that trucking business supports around 71% of the entire freight in America. By 2018, the trucking industry provided employment to around 7.4 million people.

IRS Form 2290 Instructions

Here is more information about the truck tax form 2290 e-file process. Form 2290, also known as the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), is imposed on heavy vehicles by the IRS. Vehicles with an estimated weight of 55,000 pounds or more are subjected to file this form and pay the truck tax.
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Importance of having Schedule 1

e-Filing heavy truck tax and keeping a copy of Schedule 1 as a proof of payment is very important. It can be useful while registering or renewing license plates of your trucks. It is suggested that the truckers must keep records of all information of their heavy vehicle registered for at least a period of three years as the IRS may audit it during this time. Visit our website to get more clarity on IRS form 2290 instructions.

2290 e-File Helpdesk

  • Contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) at the IRS to resolve your tax-related problems,
  • Visit the page for 2290 e-file help

Importance of EIN at the Heavy Truck Tax Center

Truck tax form 2290 center requires a unique identification number called as EIN (Employer Identification Number) which is also your Federal Tax ID number for the e-filing process. The EIN is a must to keep your identity secure by the IRS. If your EIN does not match with the IRS record, the e-file system will reject your return. If you do not have an EIN, you can apply for an EIN online. These are simple yet important IRS form 2290 instructions to e-file your HVUT 2290.

EFTPS and EFW Payments

EFTPS allows paying 2290 online at the quickest. It is a free service offered by the US Department of Treasury. This mode of payment can be used to schedule your payments at any time of any given day.
EFW is an easy method used to e-file form 2290 in a single step. This direct debit method is safe and secure for every trucker. A tax professional or a tax filing software offers you this service.

Credit or Debit Card Payments

Now you can also pay 2290 through credit or debit card. It is completely safe to use your cards as the IRS uses only standard service providers to carry out this mode of payment.
Note: This mode of payment also includes a convenience fee from your service provider that depends on your payable amount.
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