What is Truckers Tax?

Truck tax form 2290 or the Federal Truckers Tax Form 2290, is a federal excise tax that every owner of heavy vehicles must pay. If the taxable gross weight of the vehicle is 55,000 pounds or more, then you must file truck tax form 2290. Trucks, buses and tractors are some of the examples of such vehicles.
These are vehicles used to carry a heavy load on public highways. If the vehicle has operated for 5000 miles (7500 miles for agricultural vehicles) or less, then you must e-file truckers tax form 2290 but exempt from the tax.

When Truck Tax Form 2290 must be Paid?

31st August of a tax year is the last day to file the truckers tax. The period to file truck tax form 2290 starts from 1st July of the current year and extends till 30th June of the following year. For the vehicles operating from the beginning of the tax period, last day to file IRS truck tax is 31st August.
Note: If the last day to pay form 2290 truck tax e-file is on a government holiday or federal holiday, then you can pay it on the next business day.

Truck Tax Form 2290 e-File

e-File is a simple, faster and reliable way to pay your trucking tax. We, at eForm2290, ensure you a secure way to file form 2290 online. Electronic filing enables quicker processing of returns with zero error. In addition to that, you get to save time and effort of filing the tax form 2290 manually.

The Quickest Way to File Truck Tax Form 2290

IRS (The Internal Revenue Services) suggests to e-file truck tax instead of manually sending your returns (offline) to the IRS office. Truck tax form 2290 e-file process requires important information pertaining to the owner’s EIN, name, address, vehicle weight, tax year and the correct taxable amount.
It is much easier and faster to fill this information online and e-file truck tax. Paper filing includes making an appointment with the IRS office and waiting in the queue to pay your truck tax form 2290.

Get the Stamped Schedule 1 in Minutes

When you e-file truck tax form 2290, you can receive your stamped Schedule 1 of highway vehicles copy within 15 minutes.
But if you are making the payment offline, then the entire process takes much longer to complete and it might take about 5-45 days to receive your Schedule 1 copy.

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