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Massachusetts Form 2290 - Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

According to ATA (American Trucking Association) President and CEO Chris Spear, trucks in the United States moved 10.77 billion tons of freight in 2020.

The trucking industry generated $732.3 billion in revenue in just 1 year making it a great contribution to the nation’s economy.

Business Insider reports a 12% increase in demand for truckers for inter-state shipments during holiday season sales alone and Massachusetts is one of the key states that played a big role in achieving these numbers.

While the stats look good, it is also important for the truckers and owner-operators to comply with the Massachusetts state tax laws by filing 2290 on time.

The deadline to file form 2290 for the tax year 2022-2023 was Aug 31, 2022. If you haven’t submitted your return to the IRS yet, you can still file with eform2290.com and receive your Schedule-1 right away.

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Massachusetts Road Tax Payment Process


Step 1: Register


Step 2: Enter business details


Step 3: Make payment


Step 3: Get IRS Schedule 1

Form 2290 Tax Payment Process for Massachusetts

No matter which state, the online 2290 filing process with eform2290.com is pretty straightforward and an easy 3-step process. All you have to do is

Number 1: Register your business on qa.eform2290.com

Number 2: Add Vehicle Details

Number 3: Submit Tax to the IRS

See how easy it is to file a 2290 form with us!

No more tedious tax filing process. We have made it simpler for you to finish your filing in a matter of minutes, not days

Most of the customers who file with us receive their Schedule-1 on the same day in their inbox.

Massachusetts Road Tax Payment Process

Form 2290, also known as road tax or HVUT (Heavy Highway Vehicle Tax) can be processed in two ways.

Option 1: 2290 Paper Filing or Offline Filing at the nearest IRS office

Option 2: 2290 Paperless Filing or E-filing (Online)

The disadvantage of Offline filing: The main disadvantage of 2290 paper filing is whether you post the form or file at the nearby IRS office, it takes about 6 working weeks to receive updated Schedule-1

The advantage of Online filing: When you file online with an IRS-authorized e-filing service like eform2290.com, you receive your IRS-stamped Schedule-1 in minutes after filing.

Here is why 300,000+ Truckers Prefer eform2290.com

1. Secure: Eform2290.com is authorized by the IRS
2. Trusted: Eform2290.com has helped over 300,000+ truckers and tax professionals to file the 2290 taxes for over 10 years
3. Simple: Filing 2290 is an easy process that involves three steps if you are a first-timer. Although, our existing customers submit their return in just 1 step in less than 60 seconds.
4. Safe: CCPA compliant security safeguards your personal data 24*7. Your data safety is our utmost priority!
5. Free Services: VIN correction, refiling in case of rejection, filing updates via SMS, email or fax doesn’t cost you a penny.

I just received great help from Vincent! He listened to what I had to say & seamlessly walked me through the process of completing the 2290.

-Detravious Brinkley


I had to get a new 2290 due to my truck being totaled. And before I purchased the new form I inquired through live chat about getting any type of credit. And Nash walked me through step by step what to do and not only did I just have to transfer info, Nash saved me some money!

-Jacob Orona


I just used this company to file our 2290 Tax. It is so easy with them. I needed a question answered and John was able to get everything in order. Very polite young man and I appreciate his help. You will not be disappointed with their service. This is my go to company!

-Eva McElmurry

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

The Massachusetts DMV (Departments of Motor Vehicles) is no different than the other states.

Be it renewing tags or vehicle transportation permits, Massachusetts DMV needs updated IRS-watermarked Schedule-1.

As per the state tax laws, without paying the 2290 tax form, it proves difficult to get any paperwork done at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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