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IRS Authorized 2290 e-File Provider

Last Updated on  April 6, 2021  By  eformblogadmin
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IRS Authorized 2290 e-File Provider

Over 90 percent of all individual federal returns are now e-filed. It is the most convenient and hassle-free way to file your 2290 tax returns. Not only do you get your stamped form 2290 schedule 1 within seconds, but you also get a respite from time-consuming paperwork.

Who is an IRS Authorized e-file Provider?

The IRS has a nationwide listing of businesses (1) they have authorized who participate in the electronic filing (IRS e-file) program. These entities are known as e-file providers. They facilitate the e-filing of tax returns electronically to the IRS. Taxpayers can locate these businesses on the IRS’s locator service by entering the state or zip code.

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What criteria must be met for IRS authorization?

If you wish to be an IRS approved service provider, you must meet the IRS requirements:

  • You must supply all relevant identification information about your firm
  • You must create an IRS account, which will allow you to interact with the IRS electronically
  • You must specify information about each principal and responsible officials in your organization
  • If the principal or responsible official is certified or licensed, such as an attorney, CPA or enrolled agent, they must enter current professional status information.
  • All other individuals who are a part of the business need to provide fingerprints to the IRS
  • You should not have credit/debt in your name; compliance risk; criminal history; or prior non-compliance with the IRS e-file requirements
  • You must have only one EFIN for your company for use at one location unless the IRS issued more than one EFIN for the same location.

What are the functions of an IRS-authorized e-filing service provider?

The IRS authorized e-filing service provider, also known as the Electronic Return Originators, serves a number of responsibilities, such as:

  • Timely submission of returns on behalf of the taxpayer
  • Submission of supporting documents to the IRS, if required
  • Distribution of copies to taxpayers
  • Retain records and having them made available to the IRS
  • Acceptance of tax returns from legitimate taxpayers and providers

Why e-File With

There are hundreds of e-filing service providers helping truckers and fleet owners e-file form 2290 returns. What makes eform2290 stand out is its holistic range of services that meet all truckers' filing needs - be it 2290 form filing, getting credit on tax paid, or reporting suspended vehicles.

Not only do you have the option to e-file your form 2290 in minutes, but our platform also features a user-friendly interface and top-of-the-line security to protect user information such as SSN and personal address during e-filing. also offers round-the-clock customer support so that customers get timely support and resolution without having to wait long hours. Available in both Spanish and English, our customer support staff offers prompt resolution of issues. A Live Chat feature is also available for users who prefer communicating via chat.

Final Thoughts

If you need an e-filing partner to solve all your tax filing issues, is the right solution for you. Our robust platform and superior support ensure that you face no hurdles while e-filing your returns. Whether you are looking for an easy way to file your tax returns or seeking a long-term solution to managing the tax filing of your fleet, is your one-stop-solution you can rely on time and again.