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Keep your Schedule 1 handy with Apple and Google Wallet

Last Updated on  July 5, 2024  By  eformblogadmin
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apple and Google wallet form 2990

At, we constantly strive to make your tax filing experience smoother and efficient. We understand the frustration that comes with trying to access your Schedule 1—searching through emails or logging into the eForm2290 website can be time-consuming and cumbersome. That's why we're excited to announce a new feature that will help you manage your Schedule 1 forms seamlessly: the ability to download and store them in your Google and Apple wallets.

The Current Process

After you file your 2290 form, you receive a confirmation email with your Schedule 1 attached. You can also download Schedule 1 1 from the website. While these methods are functional, they can be inconvenient, especially when you need quick access to your Schedule 1 to check your filing status or for other purposes. 

Digital Wallets: Google Wallet and Apple Wallet

Digital wallets, like Google Wallet and Apple Wallet, have transformed the way we manage our daily essentials. From boarding passes to health certificates, these digital wallets provide fast and secure access to important documents and links. Recognizing the potential of these tools, we have integrated Google Wallet and Apple Wallet support for your Schedule 1 forms.

How It Works

On Our Website

When you log into and view your previous filings in the filing list or form details on your mobile phone, you'll now see an option to add your Schedule 1 to your Google or Apple Wallet. Android users can use Google Wallet and IOS users can use Apple Wallet. Click on ‘Add To Google Wallet’ or ‘Add To Apple Wallet’. And, you will be able to see your Schedule 1in your wallet for future use. This simple addition means that your Schedule 1 is always at your fingertips, accessible with just a few taps. Simply scan the QR in the Schedule 1 or use the link in the details on the pass. It’s that easy!

Apple and Google Wallet

Via Email

We've also made it easier to add your Schedule 1 to your digital wallet directly from your email. When you receive an email with your Schedule 1 copy, open it on the mobile and use Apple wallet for iOS devices and Google Wallet for Android devices, you'll find an option to add it to your wallet right there. No more digging through your inbox—just a straightforward way to keep your Schedule 1 handy. Just scan the QR code or click on the link in the details.

form2290 Schedule-1

Why Use Digital Wallets for Your Schedule 1?

  • Convenience: Access your Schedule 1 quickly and easily without the need to search through emails or log into the website.
  • Security: Digital wallets offer secure storage for your important documents, giving you peace of mind.
  • Efficiency: Using digital wallets keep your Schedule 1 secure, accessible and organized on your mobile device.


At, we are dedicated to enhancing your experience and making your tax filing process as seamless as possible. By leveraging the capabilities of Google Wallet and Apple Wallet, we provide you with a modern, efficient solution for managing your Schedule 1 forms. Try it out today and enjoy the convenience and security of having your Schedule 1 right in your pocket.

Have you already filed with Add Schedule 1 to Google or Apple Wallet today.