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How to find Truck Loads for your Trucking business

Last Updated on  November 10, 2020  By  eformblogadmin
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How to find Truck Loads for your Trucking business

Finding loads can be quite a feat in the trucking industry especially if you are new to the profession. Several small trucking companies with small fleets and new operators in the U.S. face this challenge leaving them with no choice but to shut shop.

Are you in the trucking industry and find it difficult to get truck loads to keep your business booming? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started on your business.

Look into Load Boards

Load boards are a great way to get a headstart on your business and may even add a few bucks to your pockets. Load boards help truckers connect directly with shippers through a vast comprehensive list where the task details are clearly outlined.

A simple Google search can leave with various load boards on a monthly subscription basis. It’s always good to do some research to know the best rates offered in the lanes of your interest. Take a few trials before you make any investment.

Don’t rush things. Take your time and make sure your needs are met before choosing a load board. The best load board will have free trials, an all-size fleet, and a mobile app so that you never miss out on any load posts.

Become a Government Contractor

The U.S. government is one of the largest shippers in the country. The U.S. government outsources many jobs to owner-operators and small fleets like you have. Once you register as a government contractor your chances of a load haul are increased.

The state and local governments outsource their staffing for various purposes such as US Postal Service. You can even find an exhaustive list of freight carriers that work with the General Services Administration (GSA) on the internet.

To become a government contractor requires you to officially register and some formalities. Instead another way to become a government contractor is to partner with a company which is under a government contract. You can reach out to your city or state for more information.

Drive Leads from Dispatch Services

If you have some bucks on you that you’re willing to spend initially, you can hire a dispatcher. Hire an experienced dispatcher who has some great contacts in place. Dispatchers can help you connect with shippers directly or with brokers to get you that load haul.

You can also contract with a dispatch service provider. Most dispatchers also make your life easy with administrative services such as accounting, billing, and collections. Some dispatchers even go as far as offering back-office services and ensure shippers clear your invoices on time.

Freight Brokers

New to the industry and have no idea where to begin? Well, if you’re at a blank slate freight brokers might just be the right option for you. Freight brokers will help owner-operators and small fleet owners like you find reliable and well-paying truck contracts.

Apart from finding deals, freight brokers will also take it upon themselves to negotiate with shippers on your behalf and get you the best deal possible. So for someone who has a limited idea about the industry rates and standards this can be quite handy.

Find quality loads easy and quick with freight drivers. You can start connecting with the shippers and truck drivers personally then and begin networking.

Go Digital - Load Matching Apps

We cannot deny how digital transformation has taken over every industry with the pandemic only accelerating this process. In the trucking industry too, digital revolution has happened in the form of load matching/freight apps allowing truckers to run their business at the comfort of their homes.

Freight apps make the whole process of hunting and finding loads easy and quick with just a few clicks. Truck drivers can directly see all the loads that are currently available for instant pickup. With a few clicks, truckers can book their load through smartphone or tablet with pricing details and shipping details given clearly on the app.

Load matching apps are a great way to save the money you’d have spent on dispatchers or brokers. There are multiple apps out there, try them out, find your fit and load up seamlessly.

Scouting Supreme Shippers

As you attend events, become a part of associations, you build working relationships and acquaintances with business prospects. The key is to convert these prospects into business.

Keep note of all your prospects and existing clients and always be in touch with them. Call up your prospects and client list and get a sense of business. Set up meetings with your clients and get an insight into details regarding the shipper.

Afterall, the quality of the shipper and pricing plays a major role in growing your business. Collect all details and make an exhaustive list of all your clients with details. Choose the best paying shipper from your list.

Make the Most of Networking

Like in any industry, small businesses take off with word of mouth and it's basically free marketing/advertising you can afford. Networking is the most effective way to sustain your small business that you’ve just set up.

Get on the internet and watch out for any industry events happening. Participate in these events and build contacts. These events will help you build working relationships with shippers and peer business owners apart from keeping you updated about industry trends.

Become a regular and join associations. Sometimes, these events may send you emails or posts about shipping requirements giving you an opportunity for business.

Driving is all you, Business is all about Relationships

Business is all about interpersonal relationships and great communication. Imagine having a trustworthy regular shipper from whom you could get business with just a few calls. And now think of calling every shipper in your list with no guarantee of business. Doesn’t the first one sound simple and more efficient?

So while you focus on different avenues to build your business, don’t forget to take some time off numbers and excel sheets to build some beautiful and everlasting relationships.

Strategize. Execute. Strategize. Repeat

When you begin a new business, you’re bound to test the waters with various marketing strategies and using different avenues to build business. Irrespective of which option you decide to take up, keep going and never stop.

Make sure you try more options rather than sticking to one to know which option works best for you. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Experiment and watch your business grow slow and steady.