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How Do Truck Drivers Impact the Economy?

Last Updated on  November 4, 2020  By  eformblogadmin
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How Do Truck Drivers Impact the Economy?

It is clear how the trucking industry contributes to smooth functioning of businesses across industries. Transport plays a major role in bridging the gap between businesses and customers. But who are the people making this happen?

Truck Drivers. They bring productivity and competitive efficiency enabling rapid economic development in the country. Truckers haul 70% of the nation's freight—about 10.42 billion tons annually.

The trucking industry influences and aids most other industries which drive the national economy. It also opens remote regions to trade and investment, integrating them with the mainstream economy.

Keeping Businesses Going

From accumulation of raw materials, to transporting the finished product to the markets - truckers drive business. A delay in the delivery of raw materials delays production which in turn affects customer product delivery.

As truck drivers carry cargo across the country, with every mile they are bringing the profits closer to the company.

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Sustaining Supply and Demand

Digital transformation has allowed brands to reach out to customers with ease and impact creating a great product recall. Several marketing strategies help companies improve sales and thereby maximize revenue generation.

With such constant supply and demand, it is crucial to meet customer’s instant gratification needs. Guaranteed and scheduled deliveries aided by truck drivers is the best way to achieve this.

Contributing to the Nation’s Employment Rate

According to a report from Business Insider close to 3.5 million truck drivers work in the U.S. representing a significant chunk of employment. Irrespective of size, all enterprises use truck drivers of their suitable requirements.

There are many small to large scale trucking businesses employing union truck drivers. For example, The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is a major union which impacts the economy. A single protest in the union means loss for companies halting regular cyclical processes.

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Bridging the Gap between Production & Product Delivery

Every product, meal, building we walk into or service we use are because of truck drivers. In a digital era, instant deliveries at the comfort of our homes has become a norm. With one click we have it all.

Without truck drivers none of this would be possible. Roughly 80% of the United States relies on truckers for essential goods to be delivered.

How the Pandemic is Reshaping the Trucking Industry Future?

The pandemic has brought unprecedented times and consequences altering all our plans.

It has affected exports and imports and the transportation industry is no exception. Driver turnover is at a record low 50% if not more and is expected to last until the end of 2020 as the economy rebuilds.

Yet, new avenues have opened making e-commerce a convenient norm which is here to stay for long.

According to an MIT research, the pandemic has increased access to internet technology and e-commerce. This surge in demand for logistic warehouses and trucking companies calls for individualized packaging.

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Wanna Contribute to the Economy?

The trucking industry alone brings over 600 billion dollars to the country every year, making it an integral part of the economy. Be part of an industry where you can call yourself a responsible citizen who is driving the economy forward.

In today's turbulent times, it is imperative for us to come together for the collective good and developmental growth. Here’s your chance to become a responsible citizen driving yourself and the nation forward.

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