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Form 2290 Rejected by IRS

Many filers get their form 2290 rejected every year. Most of the time, it is because of technical errors or form filing errors. While some of them can be avoided, the others require intervention from your e-filing provider or the IRS.

What to do if the IRS rejects your Form 2290? Watch Video

If your 2290 Form has been rejected by the IRS due to any of the aforementioned reasons, we will send you an email informing the reason for rejection. You can login to your account and refile the return ensuring all the details are correct and valid. Once reviewed, you can resubmit your Form 2290 to the IRS.

Common Reasons why IRS Rejected your HVUT Tax Return

There are three main errors that could occur while you file your tax return. If you are filing 2290 online, you will also see an error message with a code that points out the error you made. But those are not the only errors one could commit. We’ve listed out many other errors that filers make while filing their form:

  • EIN & business name mismatch [Error Code R0000-922]
    When you file form 2290 - be it online or manual - your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and business name & address have to match with what the IRS has on record. Your Employer Identification Number is unique to your business. Therefore it has to match the one you entered on your form.

    If you enter the wrong EIN or business details, you will receive an error message stating the reason. If you are filing online through, we will send you an email notifying you of the same along with the steps you need to follow to resubmit your form. If you receive the rejected Form 2290 through the mail, file a fresh return with the correct details and mail it back to the IRS. You can also call the IRS directly to verify your information.

  • Use of new EIN [Error Code R0000-922]
    Your Form 2290 will be rejected if you file within two weeks of receiving a new Employer Identification Number. It takes up to 2 weeks for your new EIN to get registered and updated in the IRS database. Therefore, you need to wait at least two weeks before filing your Form 2290. If you file your form before 2 weeks, you will be notified about the EIN error, in which case, you will have to refile the form after 2 weeks.

  • Duplicate filing [Error Code R0000-194]
    If you file Form 2290 for the same vehicle in the same tax year more than once, then the IRS will reject the e-filing request. You will receive an error message that says “Duplicate filing exists”. Ensure that you only file your IRS Form 2290 once with all the correct, relevant information. If you are filing with an IRS-approved e-filing provider like eForm2290, you can view your previous filings by clicking on the ‘Filing’ list.

  • Incorrect bank account details [Error Code R0000-194]
    While filing your form 2290 online, you need to pay the HVUT amount using the payment method of your choice. To complete the payment online, you will need to enter the relevant bank account details. In such situations, if you enter an incorrect bank account number, it can lead to e-file rejection. If that happens, you can resubmit the filing after entering the correct account information.

  • RTN rejection [Error Code R0000-906-01]
    While paying your HVUT online using Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) option, you will need to provide a Routing Transit Number (RTN) or bank routing number. If the RTN you enter is incorrect, the IRS will reject your 2290 Form. When this error occurs, you can re-enter the correct RTN and resubmit your form 2290 to the IRS to get your stamped Form 2290 Schedule 1. For future filing, always double-check your bank routing number before submitting your form to the IRS.

  • VIN duplication error [Error Code R0000-194]
    Vehicle Identification Number needs to be mandatorily included while filing your form 2290. If you have already paid your HVUT during the tax year and attempt to refile the Form 2290 using the same VIN, the IRS will reject the filing request. While filing your Form 2290, you need to ensure that you are not submitting a duplicate copy of your previously accepted submission which has the same VIN. If you’ve entered a wrong VIN, you can use the free VIN correction option on to carry out easy VIN correction.

  • Missing signature
    While paper filing your form 2290, you need to sign in two different places on the form: on the first page in part II of your form and on the last page that says ‘Consent to Disclosure of Tax Information’. If you don’t include your signature in these spaces, your Form will be considered invalid and the IRS will reject it. For e-filers, you need to enter a four-digit PIN number which acts as a digital signature while filing your form 2290.

  • Wrong payment dates
    While paying your heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax, you need to specify the right payment date. Your payment date should not fall on a weekend or a holiday. You must also ensure that you are not entering a past date as the payment date. Keep in mind that your payment date should not be more than 5 days from the date of e-filing. If such errors are found, the IRS will reject your form.

  • Mileage error
    While filing 2290 amendment for mileage increment, you need to ensure that the ‘mileage exceeded month’ you enter is greater than or equal to the ‘first used month’.Inconsistencies in mileage details will result in rejection of your form 2290.

  • Incorrect taxable gross weight
    Just like mileage error, your vehicle’s ‘taxable gross weight increased month’ must be greater or equal to the ‘first used month’. Also, the new taxable gross weight should be greater than the previous taxable gross weight. The amended form 2290 return must have the correct gross weight specifications.

Steps to re-submit your Form 2290 in minutes

Follow the below steps for the easiest resolution of your form 2290 rejection:

  • You can Contact our Customer Care by dialling (866)-881-6767. We offer 24/7 active support that will help you with your truck tax e-filing and re-filing assistance.
  • You can opt for live chat assistance by visiting Chat with our 24/7 form 2290 e-filing assistant who can guide you on form resubmission procedures.
  • You can write to us at and we will take care of any problems you face regarding re-filing of form 2290, no matter what time of the day it is.

Final Thoughts

Always review the information that you enter on the form. Do not skip any steps and leave out any details. If you are filing with, get in touch with our customer support team to clear your doubts. E-filing is the best way to file as it’s easier to do and minimizes errors. For a hassle-free filing experience, choose .

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