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Use ROAD20 to grab 20% off on filing with eForm2290 Start Filling Now

Pre-file Form 2290

Pre-filing is the process of filing your heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax before the IRS starts processing 2290 returns. Pre-filing for the next tax period of 2021-2022 will begin from 1st May 2021 till 30th June 2021.

Keep in mind that even if you pre-file your form 2290, we will be able to submit it to the IRS only after the 1st week of July 2021, which is when they will start accepting form submissions.

Why should you pre-file your form 2290?

Pre-filing or early filing of your IRS Form 2290 has a number of advantages:

  1. Pre-filing saves you time as it helps you avoid rush hours
  2. By filing early you can avoid IRS penalties and late payment charges
  3. You will get more time to save money for the tax payment
  4. When you pre-file your returns, you will get your stamped Schedule 1 copy on a first come, first serve basis
  5. Even if your return gets rejected, you will get enough time to make corrections and resubmit it

What are the benefits of pre-filing form 2290?

  1. Pre-filing Form 2290 allows you to schedule payment of your HVUT amount before the deadline.
  2. You can avoid the rush at the IRS office by pre-filing your Form 2290 online
  3. You will have enough time to make corrections your form ahead of the deadline
  4. You will get plenty of time to cross check and review your form 2290
  5. You will receive your Stamped Schedule 1 on a first-come, first-serve basis once the IRS starts processing returns
  6. Sometimes, the IRS servers experience technical problems during peak filing time which will delay your filing process. When you pre-file, you don’t have to worry about such technical issues.
  7. When you file your form in the last minute, you may not get enough time to clarify queries or doubts. In such cases, you are more prone to make errors which will ultimately result in form 2290 rejection. When you file early, you will get time to clarify doubts and complete your filing without errors and mistakes.
  8. Pre-filing gives you enough time to collect the necessary information and cross-check them before submission.
    For example, if you intend to make payment through EFTPS, you will need to create an EFTPS account and receive a PIN through mail - all of which will take time. Such processes should be planned way ahead of your filing date.

    When you pre-file, you can make necessary arrangements so that you don’t face any last minute complications.

When to pre-file your form 2290?

Pre-filing begins from 1st May 2021 and extends till 30th June 2021. The IRS will process your return starting 1st July 2021.

How to pre-file 2290 online using eForm2290?

eForm2290 makes it easier for you to pre-file your form 2290. All you need to do is follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your eForm2290 account using your registered email address and password
  2. Click on ‘Start an e-file’ option
  3. Specify the number of trucks you want to file form for
  4. Enter the vehicle information and EIN
  5. Choose ‘Form 2290 pre-file tax year’ and click proceed
  6. Select the payment method - EFW, EFTPS, or check/money order (payment through credit/debit card is currently disabled by the IRS)
  7. Submit the pre-filed form 2290

How to find out if your form 2290 is submitted on time?

When you pre-file with eForm2290, we will update you on the status of your filing by sending you free fax, text messages, and email alerts. If you need more information, you can always reach out to our highly experienced customer support team who will help you resolve your issues and queries, should you have any.

Will you get a stamped schedule 1 after you finish pre-filing?

No. You will receive your stamped schedule 1 copy once your return is processed by the IRS in July when the filing season begins.

Is it mandatory to pre-file?

It is not mandatory to pre-file your returns, although it is highly recommended. Pre-filing eliminates last minute filing errors. Moreover, you will receive your stamped schedule 1 copy way before other e-filers as the IRS process returns on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Final Thoughts

We know that as a trucker you are always on the move, working long hours and juggling multiple tasks all the while trying your best to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, pre-filing your tax will be one big load off your mind. We will keep all your data secure and file the form2290 on your behalf the moment the IRS starts accepting form 2290. Don’t race against time to meet your HVUT deadline. Go ahead and pre-file today with eForm2290.

E-File Form 2290 tax with ease

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  • Get Schedule 1 in minutes
  • Safe & secure data management
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