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eFile Form 2290 from Indiana

Indiana Form 2290 Filing

Did you know in Indiana, a trucker pays $159 in penalty charges on average to the IRS for delayed form 2290 filing? This number could go up based on the number of trucks and the duration of the delay.

What are IRS Form 2290 Penalties?

If the truck tax/form 2290 is not filed on time, the IRS charges late filing fees. It includes 4.5% penalties on overall tax due and a 0.5% monthly interest.

To avoid penalties, we recommend the following practices:

1. Pay your 2290 tax by August 31 every year as it is the set deadline for filing.

2. If you fail to file on time, file at the earliest to avoid further penalties

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Indiana Form 2290 Filing Process

Indiana truckers are multidisciplinary. Some go old school while submitting taxes out of habit or believe it’s the safest way.

But truth be told, electronic form 2290 filing is much more efficient when compared to paper filing.

It is also safer when filing with an IRS-approved and most trusted filing platform like eform2290.com


Indiana Road Tax Payment Process


Step 1: Register


Step 2: Enter business details


Step 3: Make payment


Step 3: Get IRS Schedule 1

Indiana Form 2290 e-filing in 3 Steps

The eform2290.com tax filing system is designed to make 2290 filing simple. It can be done literally in 3 basic steps which are as follows:

1. Signup: Use your valid email address to register

2. Business Details: Add business name and business address as per the SS-4 assigned by the IRS. Include the truck details.

3. Submit Return: Estimate the accurate tax amount you owe to the IRS using our online calculator and submit the 2290 tax return in minutes.

File 2290 Now

Why eform2290.com is the best for Form 2290 Filing in Indiana?

There are a bunch of reasons why eform2290.com is preferred by 300,000+ truckers over other e-filing service providers.

Reason 1: 10 Years of Service

Eform2290.com has been successfully serving truckers and tax professionals for over a decade. 80,000+ filings are done in the past 3 months alone.

Reason 2: Dedicated Customer Support

Eform2290.com is the only form 2290 e-service provider with 5-star rated customer service.

An overwhelming number of 3,000 customer reviews on Google and Trustpilot boost our confidence and help us strive better.

Reason 3: File Form 2290 by Phone

Our filing process is a piece of cake. Even first-timers can crack it! If you are too busy or still find it difficult to file by yourself, give us a call and we will submit your 2290 to the IRS on your behalf.

No Additional Cost

Whether you file your form 2290 by yourself or use the phone service, you pay the same filing fees. We don’t charge you a penny extra for the additional services.

they are a good company they will literally help you every step of the way. I spoke to Jose and this person was very helpful with what I needed to get done and answered every one of my questions that I had. Thank you so much.

-Tina Beardsley


Customer Chat with Jose was so helpful and did not take long at all to receive the form I needed. Great Company. I have used their services for almost 5 years and have had the same experience every time. Highly Recommend.

- jodi jeffers


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Indiana DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)

Indiana DMV is no different when it comes to managing motor vehicle registration and documentation.

While most of the truck-related services are available both online and offline, SS-4 and Schedule-1 play a key role in getting things done.

Unless you provide an updated Schedule-1, it’s a no-go with the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles.

Don’t have an updated Schedule-1 for this tax year? No problem, you can file your 2290 with eform2290.com today and receive the Schedule-1 in your inbox shortly.


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