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IRS payment options for form 2290 online

Last Updated on  January 16, 2024  By  eformblogadmin
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IRS Payment Options

Tax season can often be a daunting time for hardworking truckers and fleet owners, especially when it comes to filing 2290 online. However, the IRS has introduced convenient online payment options specifically designed for everyone who may need to file their HVUT. These options simplify the payment process and also offer the flexibility and convenience you need to stay on top of your tax obligations.

In this blog, we'll explore the IRS payment options available for filing form 2290 online, empowering you to make informed choices that align with your trucking business needs. 

What are the IRS payment options? 

To continue and proceed with your IRS payment, you can use any of the following options -

  1. EFW (Electronic Fund Withdrawal / e-Check)
  2. EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)
  3. Credit or Debit Card
  4. Check or Money Order.

Now let’s take a look at each of these IRS tax payment options in detail and understand their pros and cons.

1. Electronic Fund Withdrawal (EFW) or e-Check

With EFW, you can authorize the IRS to withdraw the funds directly from your bank account. This option provides a secure and hassle-free way to make your payment electronically while filing your IRS form 2290 online.


  • Convenient and hassle-free, as the IRS directly withdraws the payment from your bank account.
  • Secure and reduces the risk of errors or delays associated with paper checks.
  • No additional fees or charges for using this method.


  • Requires providing your bank account information to the IRS.
  • In case of insufficient funds, you may incur penalties and fees from both your bank and the IRS.


2. Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

EFTPS is a free online payment system provided to file your IRS form 2290 online. By enrolling in EFTPS IRS payments, you can make your 2290 tax payments conveniently through their website or by phone.


  • Free and secure online payment system provided by the U.S. Department of Treasury.
  • Allows you to schedule payments in advance, providing flexibility.
  • Provides a record of your payment history for future reference.


  • Requires separate enrollment in EFTPS before using this payment option.
  • Initial setup may take some time and verification process.

3. Credit or Debit Card

If you prefer to use your credit or debit card to file your file 2290 online, the IRS accepts payments through various authorized payment processors. Be aware that there may be processing fees associated with this option, which vary depending on the service provider.


  • Convenient and widely accepted payment method.
  • Immediate payment confirmation.
  • Allows you to earn rewards or cashback offered by your card issuer.


  • Processing fees are associated with credit or debit card payments, which vary depending on the payment processor.
  • You may need to provide sensitive card information, which could carry a minimal security risk.

4. Check or Money Order

If you prefer traditional methods to file 2290 online, you can still opt to pay by check or money order. Simply make the payment payable to the ‘United States Treasury’ and include Form 2290-V, the payment voucher, with your payment.


  • No requirement to share personal or banking information online.
  • Suitable for those who prefer traditional payment methods.


  • Slower processing time compared to electronic payment options.
  • Risk of errors or delays due to manual processing.
  • Requires timely mailing to ensure the payment reaches the IRS by the due date.

Remember to choose the payment option that aligns with your preferences and consider factors such as convenience, processing time, and any associated fees. Always follow the instructions provided by eForm2290 to ensure accurate payment processing while filing your IRS form 2290 online.

Calculate Your Form 2290 with eForm2290

You can check out how much is 2290 tax with our Tax Calculator, which allows you to effortlessly determine the exact amount you owe to the IRS for your HVUT payment. 

Now, let's take a look at some commonly asked questions that can help you better understand the IRS payment options for filing Form 2290 online.

Where can I pay my 2290 form online?

You can pay your form 2290 online at which is America’s Most Trusted HVUT e-filing platform, with more than five 10K five star rated reviews on Google and Trustpilot. 

How do I get a copy of my paid 2290 Schedule 1?

Once your IRS Form 2290 return is accepted, we send you the IRS watermarked Schedule 1 to your registered email. This serves as your proof of HVUT payment. If you misplace your copy, no worries! Log in to your account and easily download another IRS 2290 Schedule 1

How to enroll for EFTPS?

You can visit the EFTPS website or call EFTPS customer service to request an enrollment form.

What is the 2290 late payment penalty?

Failure to file IRS Form 2290 on time can result in penalties. The late filing penalty for Form 2290 is calculated as 4.5% of the unpaid taxes, accruing monthly or for any part of a month that the tax return is overdue. It's crucial to note that the penalty begins accumulating the day after the 2290 tax filing due date.

However, the maximum penalty imposed by the IRS will not exceed 25% of the unpaid taxes. It's essential to file your Form 2290 promptly to avoid these penalties and ensure compliance with IRS regulations.